Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist in Chicago, Illinois looks forward to welcoming you at our worship services, events, and Christian Science Reading Room.  Located in the heart of downtown along the Chicago River on the corner of Wabash Avenue and Wacker Drive at 55 East Wacker Drive, our church building is open six days a week.  Worship services are held on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. and Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm.   The Christian Science Reading Room is open weekdays, Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri 10-4pm and Weds 3-6pm.

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Join us this evening at 6 pm for our midweek prayer meeting.  The topic of our readings will be “Yielding to spiritual law or divine Science.”

Divine Justice

Join us this evening at 6 pm for our midweek prayer meeting. The subject of our readings will explore Divine Justice — Matter, evil, or mortal mind can seem to be very real and in control, but Truth, spiritual and eternal is always governing. Divine justice makes it so.

Readings from Wednesday Meeting February 1, 2017

How do we perceive the world around us? What we see and read in the news about our country and world in strife and turmoil can seem to be very much at odds with what we know and feel in our hearts, at odds with what we know to be true about the goodness and compassion of our fellow man. These readings explore these two very different standpoints, and they invite you to explore your own “sense” of the universe.

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