Project – Women of the Bible

March is Women’s History Month
How many women of the Bible do you know?

Who is Anna?
An elderly woman who saw Jesus when he was presented in the Temple.
(see Luke 2:36)

Who is Leah?
Daughter of Laban and Jacob’s wife. (see Genesis 29:16)

Who is Naomi?
The mother-in-law of the devoted Ruth. (see Ruth 1:2)

Who is Rachel?
Jacob’s favorite wife. The mother of Joseph and Benjamin. (see Genesis 29:6)

Who is Ruth?
The devoted daughter-in-law of Naomi, who traveled with her to Bethlehem.
(see book of Ruth)

Sarah by Marc Chagall

Who is Sarah?
Abraham’s wife and the mother of Isaac. (see Genesis 17:15)

Who is Elisabeth?
The cousin of Mary and the mother of John the Baptist. (see Luke 1:5)

What was the relationship between Naomi and Ruth?
Mother and Daughter-in-law. (see book of Ruth)

How many women prophets can you name?
Miriam (Exodus 15:20)
Deborah (Judges 4:4)
Huldah (II Kings 22:14-20)
Noadiah (Nehemiah 6:14)
Anna (Luke 2:36)

Name the women monarchs mentioned in the Bible?
Queen of Sheba (I Kings 10:6-13)
Queen Jezebel (I Kings 21:1-16)
Queen Esther (Esther)

Who is Delilah?
A Philistine woman who betrayed the secret of Samson’s strength.
(see Judges 16:4)

Who is Abigail?
King David’s wife. (see I Samuel 25)

Who is Hannah?
Samuel’s mother. (see I Samuel 1)

Who is Huldah?
Prophetess at the time of Josiah. (see II Kings 22:14)

Who is Martha?
The sister of Lazarus and Mary, and close friend of Jesus. (see Luke 10:38)

Who is Mary Magdalene?
The first witness of the resurrection. (see Matthew 27:56)

Who is Orpah?
Naomi’s daughter-in-law. (see Ruth 1:4)

Who is Rebekah?
Isaac’s wife, the mother of Jacob and Esau. (see Genesis 22:23)

Who is Michal?
Saul’s daughter who became David’s wife. (see I Samuel 14:49)

Who is Deborah?
A prophetess, judge of Israel, and wife of Lapidoth. (Judges 4)

How many women named “Mary” are mentioned in the Bible? Who are they?
1. Mary, mother of the disciple James. (see Mark 15:40)
2. Mary, mother of Jesus. (see Matthew 1:18)
3. Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus & close friend of Jesus. (see Luke 10:39)

Note:  This quiz is a thought starter.  Not all the women of the Bible are included.

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