Project – Making The Lord’s Prayer Your Own

The Lord’s Prayer appears two times in the Bible.  Which two New Testament Gospels?
Matthew and Luke
(see Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4)

The Lord’s Prayer is also known as Pater Noster or Our Father

Jesus intended the Lord’s Prayer to be a model for prayer. Many people have translated or written their own version of this prayer.  Mary Baker Eddy was one individual who wrote her own spiritual sense of the prayer. What spiritual sense would you give of the Lord’s Prayer?  Make it your own and write your spiritual sense of it!  DOWNLOAD this worksheet.

Ponder these questions:

How do I acknowledge God as Father or Mother?
For what do I praise God’s name?
What do I consider to be God’s kingdom?
How do I do God’s will?
What are my spiritual needs?
For what do I need to be forgiven?
Whom do I need to forgive?


One thought on “Project – Making The Lord’s Prayer Your Own

  1. Pondering those questions about the Lord’s Prayer has brought blessings already! The worksheet is interesting, too — I am not drawn to coming up with another interpretation, but on several lines I found myself writing my specific prayer related to it, e.g., “Give us grace for to-day; feed the famished affections — give me grace to continue “x”; replenish my love for and help me truly love “y.” Ideas have come for four lines already. For me, in this way the worksheet may be very useful quite often to make sure I am accepting the truths of the Lord’s Prayer every moment in every situation. Thank you for this focus!

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