Two New Resources

For those participating in the Midwest USA region of the Church of Christ, Scientist there are two new resources that may be of interest!  Designed to continue the dialog begun at the Midwest USA 2011 Church Alive Summit and support us in fulfilling our church’s design & purpose there are now monthly conference calls and a community-oriented website.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the conference calls.  May’s call will take place on Tuesday, May 1, at 7:30 pm CDT.  To sign up for the call visit the new Midwest Church Alive website.

On you’ll find six conversation areas based on the topics discussed at the Summit – Fellowship, Church Governance, Reading Room, Lectures, Sunday School, and the Healing Practice.  Click on any of the topics to find examples of activities happening right here in the Midwest, post your ideas, and ask questions of fellow church workers.  You’ll also find all of the Summit’s content including videos and notes from the break out sessions.


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