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Last Tuesday’s lectures, a doubleheader on April 17, provided fresh views on the classic prayer, the only prayer that Christ Jesus gave, the Lord’s Prayer.  For many, they heard new ideas that gave them an immediate lift.  And, in the days following the lecture one could hear among the church community the spirit of this individual’s comment being shared repeatedly, “I loved the lecture.  It will resonate with me for a long time.”

Our speaker, Fujiko Signs, sent us some photos taken following the event.  This one especially speaks to the spirit of fellowship felt during the events:

New friends gather with speaker Fujiko Signs (second from right)

We were so happy that among the audience there were new readers of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures who attended & sought Fujiko out, and had extended conversations after her presentation.  And, for those familiar with the Lord’s Prayer and Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual sense of it — there was wide spread gratitude for the opportunity to deepen their understanding of this prayer that Eddy says “covers all human needs.”

If you would like to explore the Lord’s Prayer further, as we were encouraged to do during Fujiko’s presentation, there are several resources available in the Christian Science Reading Room:

  • Bible translations, commentaries, and dictionaries are on hand to study on premise or purchase including Strong’s Concordance that Fujiko referenced.
  • In My True Light and Life includes an insightful chapter about the evolution of Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual sense of the Lord’s Prayer, see pp. 295-336.
  • And, online, you can read an article about the significance of the the Lord’s Prayer to Christian Scientists and its founder, Mary Baker Eddy.

The full lecture will soon be available on this site to watch and share.  Stay tuned for an announcement about its availability.

Thanks to our lecture committee for organizing this event!  And, thanks to all of the congregation for supporting this public event by inviting neighbors, serving as hosts, making a financial contribution, and prayerfully supporting this event.

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