March is Women’s History Month

How many women of the Bible do you know?
Join with the Sunday School throughout March as we remember women mentioned in the Bible.  Each week we’ll post five questions here and on wall charts in the Sunday School room.  Everyone is welcome to submit your answers — either here on the website (click on “Leave a reply” below) or on the charts in Sunday School.

This week’s inquiry:

  • Who is Anna?
  • Who is Naomi?
  • Who is Ruth?
  • What is the relationship between Naomi and Ruth?
  • Who is Dorcas?  (Hint … She is mentioned in this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson in the fifth section)

One thought on “March is Women’s History Month

  1. Another woman in the Bible is Lydia. She is important evidence of
    women having a valuable place in the early

    A seller of purple meant she was very wealthy
    and she had a house big enough for the
    congregation to gather. Fun!

    See Acts 16

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